It’s Hard to Find a Guy Worth Dating…

“When I woke up this morning…

…all I could think about was you!

Cause when I went to sleep last night…

…all I could think about was you!” ~Tauheed Epps

I haven’t had a crush in almost two years! I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ve still admired an attractive guy when I saw one, but having an actual interest in a guy? Nope. Not really. For me it takes much more than just good looks to get my attention. I have met countless guys who looked like Greek Gods who had the worst personalities!

Meet Nolan: Nolan was tall, light-skinned, had clean low-cut hair, and an athletic build. His smile could melt any girl’s heart. However, he is a liar and a cheater if I ever saw one. This guy has had a girlfriend (whom I know personally) for the past 3-4 years…he has tried to talk to (pursue) me for the past 4-5 years.

Meet Bryant: Bryant is tall, dark-skinned, and extremely handsome. I have to admit, I use to really admire and respect Bryant. I have been good friends with both him and his girlfriend of several years for as long as I could remember, and he always seemed to treat her so well. From the outside looking in, he seemed like the perfect boyfriend. Truly one of a kind. Boy was I wrong. He lost my respect when he began to come on to me. At first it was little subtle hints he made, then he just blatantly started to attempt to flirt with me and invite me to hang out with him just the two of us. To say the least, I no longer think of him as the perfect boyfriend.

Meet Anthony: Oh…my…goodness! Anthony had to be the most attractive guy I’ve ever seen (let alone talked to)! He was just my type too; he had smooth caramel skin, long beautiful locks, alluring hazel eyes, and an athletic physique. I also had a thing for bad boys at that time, and he was a little rough around the edges. Talk about a perfect match! We had a great connection when we first met, but after a while his true colors started to show. I can honestly say he was the most self-centered person I’ve ever met. I tell you no lie: we once had a conversation when all I said was “hello” and “goodbye.” The rest of our chat consisted of him talking about himself. Honestly, he is probably the primary reason why it now takes more than just looks to impress me.

Some would say I have high standards, and to them I would say yes! You’re right. I do have higher standers when it comes to the guys I would like to become more than just friends with. I’ll be the first to admit that. There are just certain things I refuse to put up with in a relationship. I do NOT want the guy who is not doing anything productive with his life, who only wants to sit around and make babies he can’t afford to take care of, or who doesn’t have any type of relationship with Christ. I want a MAN (emphasis on MAN) who has a plan for his life, respects my decision to be abstinent, and who is a practicing christian. I want a guy who, morally, stands above the rest. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), I don’t come across men like that often…

…but I guess that’s what makes him different.

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9 Responses to It’s Hard to Find a Guy Worth Dating…

  1. shengmaygabi says:

    good for you to have choices!!!!!

  2. Snap, snap, snap!!! Your cliff-hanger has me DYING right now! 😉 I LOVE your writing style!

  3. flowermenow1 says:

    You are right to be picky and not just fall for a guy because of his looks ! I am sure you will find a worthy guy to date. However, men think about sex, it’s natural to them. I am sure The One will have the patience to wait though. If you want to meet Christians, why not go to church events around your place as well, that would extend your circle of acquaintances. Good luck with guys and thanks for liking my post ! 🙂

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