Such a Loving Relationship…

In my introduction to Social Work class, I watched “The Loving Story.” For those who aren’t familiar with this, it is an HBO documentary about the Loving family. Mr. and Mrs. Loving was an interracial couple from Virginia who were exiled from their home state simply because they decided to get married. To say the least, the documentary was amazing! It touched my heart to see a couple who only wanted to love each other and raise their kids in the very place in which they were raised. Unfortunately, due to racist laws meant to oppress and isolate blacks, they could not live in peace. I had heard of the story before because of the supreme court case, Loving vs. Virginia, but actually watching the two explain how they felt about what was going on with them made it more real for me. Hearing about a case in a history class is significantly different than hearing someone tell their story of how they ended up in the supreme court.

The story itself was quite touching, but the most heart warming part of it for me was watching how much they loved one another-especially Mr. Loving. He loved his wife. Just by watching their interactions with one another you could tell they had what most of us want…..true love. However, most think that true love is the end all be all, but it was only the beginning for Mr. and Mrs. Loving. Their discovery of love sparked a series of events that complicated their once peaceful lives. It caused them to get arrested, exiled, and forced to sneaking in out of Virginia just to visit family. But they never complained. Mr. Loving could have easily married a white woman and avoided all of this (and the same goes for Mrs. Loving), but their affection for one another made it all worth it.

Now that’s LOVE!

That’s what I am waiting for. That is exactly why I am being patient and not just settling for any guy I meet on the street. I want someone who will stick by my side even when I complicate his life. And if someone ever asked why he went through all the trouble to be with me, he would simply answer, “Because I love her.” You see, love is not this impulsive emotion that everyone thinks it is. It is based off of thoughtful actions, thoughtful decisions, and thoughtful sacrifices  Watching them just confirms that the love I want is out there, and I am going to get it when the time is right. I know by waiting on God instead of being in a rush to meet a guy who doesn’t even meet half of my standards, I will get a love that I have never experienced before. I also know that it will come with challenges, but it will be worth it in the end. Because I will love him.

So, I would like to know your thoughts about the Lovings and their case. Anything that touches your heart about them please leave a comment! I’m really curious to see how this story has touched you. It could be the connection to gay marriage today or it could be waiting on a love like they had. Whatever it is, please express your thoughts.

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2 Responses to Such a Loving Relationship…

  1. bobbi says:

    <3, love,
    a word that comes and goes,
    but few people really know
    what it means to really love somebody,
    ~kirk franklin

  2. kristina says:

    When the money’s spent and all my friends have vanished
    And I can’t seem to find no help or love for free
    I know there’s no need for me to panic
    Cos I’ll find him, I’ll find him next to me

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