My Philosophy on Love-It’s Not About Completion



Many people try their best to define what love is.  Either they quote 1 Corinthian 13, judge it based off of fairy tales presented to us by the media, or base it off of their own experience and logic. I tend to do a little of all three.

This is my attempt at explaining what I think true (romantic) love is:

I refuse to believe that finding love means finding someone who completes you. I mean, why would I be worried about love if I’m walking around as only half of a person? I should be more concerned with filling those voids in my life. Yes, the bible says two become one, but many take this to mean that a person is supposed to complete you. I beg to differ. It says TWO shall become ONE! Notice the difference? It doesn’t say two halves become one; two whole individuals will come together to form one secure and solid relationship.

I am a strong believer that you must find yourself and learn how to love yourself before you can let anyone else love you. You also must find what love is apart from that person, so that you are able to evaluate any of your future relationships. You need to be able to differentiate a person who is giving you the love you deserve and someone who doesn’t even know how to love you.

I believe that love is NOT someone who completes you, but somebody who compliments you. I believe that you must find happiness by yourself and learn how to love yourself before you are ready to fall in love with someone else. Love is NOT that person supplying your only source of happiness. Love is that person adding to the happiness you’ve already found as a single individual. Love is living the single life with joy, and meeting someone along the way that gives you an extra boost of cheer. Notice the difference? I don’t fully believe in the fairy tale stories about finding someone who rescues you out of your sad life. I believe you learn how to stand up on your own and pull yourself up by the bootstraps, and eventually you find someone who can do the same for themselves. So, once you’re both ready, you two can come together (hence: become one) and stand side by side as a strong couple who can withstand life’s storms.


 Love is so much more than anyone can really define in a single blog post. 

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4 Responses to My Philosophy on Love-It’s Not About Completion

  1. i love your philosophies on love! love is undefinable, but we can all scrounge for words to try and explain this feeling that infiltrates our soul and resurrects the parts of us that we believed to be dead

  2. Jaxie says:

    I enjoyed reading your post and found it to be well said! A person cannot complete you that is God’s job.

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