Oh hello, how did you find your way out of my past?

Someone once told me that when something (or someone) from your past re-surfaces, that is because you need to bring closure to that situation.

Well, remember when I told you guys I was taking a break from relationships? I still am. However, the guys from my past did NOT get that memo. They have been popping back up in my life left and right. I tell you no lie, just in this past week FOUR guys have popped up!

The problem is not the fact that they reappeared, but it is the fact that they reappear expecting things to be the same. Uh….no. The history between them and I is exactly that: history. I have changed tremendously over the past few years, and I am a completely different person since leaving them in my past.

I realized it is time for me to put closure to those situations. So, I sat down and wrote each of them a letter  saying goodbye. In all of the letters I recalled everything that had transpired and how it has changed my life. That is when I realized why they had been popping up. God was showing me how each of them has helped shape me into the person I am today. Although, I would never go back to talking to any of them, I must admit that if it had not been for me meeting them, certain blessings would have never came my way.

I am not mailing off any of these letters, but the funny thing is that as soon as I wrote them none of the guys tried to reach out to me anymore. It was just something I had to deal with and recognize so that I can move forward and be the best woman I can be in my next relationship. (Whenever that is going to happen…)


…there is one guy from my past I choose not to let go of just yet.

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6 Responses to Oh hello, how did you find your way out of my past?

  1. demezw says:

    By writing those letters you spoke it into existence, karma works both ways.

  2. Jaxie says:

    I can relate. When you live through the healing process of heartache it stretches and builds you into a stronger person. Had I not went through a divorce I would not have known just how much I can handle. The enemy of our souls will use others and situations to try and keep us distracted and we wind up learning things in a course that we didn’t know we signed up for. It’s all apart of God’s plan. He will use that same trap that was set up to destroy you to propel you into your destiny. God is in complete control!

  3. Ada says:

    Reading this is almost crazy because I feel like I’m going through something similar. I had a tough relationship with someone who probably wasn’t the best for me, but I couldn’t let go. But he had a sudden change in behaviour and in the end, it forced the breakup to happen. In a weird way, it felt as though God knew I wasn’t strong enough to just cut all ties so He helped me along, so that I can focus on more important things in my life.

    Fast forward two months to now, he was working his way back into my life, and again I couldn’t bear to cut ties loose even though my gut was telling me to. Even though I knew it was probably the right thing to do. It took me accidentally finding a recent photo of him kissing his ex that finally snapped some sense back into me. It’s as if God was just orchestrating this and trying to teach me to move on and I just wouldn’t want to see it. In the end, He intervened and delivered to me such deliberate proof so I would move on. And weird as it sounds, I know that this was the right thing to do and that this really was God’s work.

    Thank you for your sharing – made me think alot.

    • Wow! Thank YOU for sharing! I totally understand what you are talking about. My last relationship was sort of like that. God had already laid it on my heart to let go, but I just couldn’t. I had invested so much into it emotionally that I felt like letting go might have broken me. Thank God that He ended the relationship even when I kept fighting against it. It seemed as if the more I held on to the relationship, the worse things got. Well anyways, I had to get to a breaking point as well to finally say enough is enough. Now I hold no grudges against my ex. However, I know that we can never be again, because that is simply not the guy God has designed for me.

      So, I am so glad that we can relate to that. And God has something better in store for you 🙂 ! Thank you for reading and commenting. It just lets me know that I’m not writing in vain. God bless!

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