One Day….It Will Be Beautiful.

The much awaited proposal

As I am scrolling through all the blogs I subscribe to and navigating WordPress in order to find new blogs that might spark my interest, I notice something. In terms of love, there are only negative stories being posted. I mean I took one psychology class in college and understand that negative emotions are most often what motivates people to express their opinions in a public setting, but my goodness! It was quite depressing. I am not interested in dating and starting a new relationship at this very moment, but even I am hopeful.

I have had some really bad dating experiences, and I have seen every relationship around me fall apart right before my eyes. Yet, I still have hope. There have been so many times I wanted to give up on love, but something deep down inside of me wouldn’t let me. I cursed love and swore I would never believe in it again on several occasions, but as time went by and my heart healed after every scar I had to admit to myself that…I still believe in love. Even if everything around me is telling me not to, I will always believe love is real and that there is a love out there just for me.

Somewhere out there lives my “adam.” The guy that I was made for, because “man should not live alone.” I have cried a lot of lost tears and have felt the pains of love way too often in my life, but I will not give up waiting on him.Β 

I may have to endure a few more loveless relationships and sorrows of learning “it was never real,” but I will never give up.

One day…I will love.

And it will be beautiful.

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18 Responses to One Day….It Will Be Beautiful.

  1. I very much agree. Many people abandon and misuse the term ‘love’. The real deeper love is rare and it is our adventure to find the one who will love us for who we are and live out a beautiful story. And then even on the worst of days…you have someone to hold you and remind you why you keep on living in this ever dimming world. Because love is what we all seek and I hope you find yours. πŸ™‚ I’m still waiting too. Waiting to know if he is ‘the one’.

  2. Jaxie says:

    I believe you must walk in love before you can attract love. When you are truly content with your life and at peace with God, full of love and free of desperation you will attract your “Adam”. I still believe in LOVE even after divorce.

    Such a beautiful post you have here. I too believe in love. I will never ever give up on it. What other choice do you have. Love is refreshing and positive. My mother always told me that in relationships you have to take the good with the bad. We are all flawed human beings. One day your prince will come, I am a believer. Although you see so many relationships crumbling around you there are just that many relationships out there holding it down. If I were single today I would enjoy the journey as I once did. Dating can be rough no doubt but it can be at the same time so much fun. Meeting different kinds of people. Especially today where there is EHarmony and all of these dating sites. One thing I know is you have to be where you can be seen and met. I have a friend who never goes out but sits home waiting for her prince. Well he never shows up at her door. She really believes she is waiting. She can’t see that she has to go to singles events and be busy and about. Who knows one day they will meet up. Well good luck to you and you have my best wishes. Lovely post here. Betty

    • Thank you for reading and leaving such a lovely comment πŸ™‚ I agree, the dating life can be a lot of fun (even though it also can be stressful). Right now, I am having fun and looking on the bright side of things. I am young and in no rush. However, like you said, I am still getting out and meeting new people. I think that is very important even apart from dating. Meeting new people is just refreshing and always a lot of fun! Please stop by my blog again, I love your feedback πŸ™‚

  4. Ada says:

    This speaks to my heart. Even after devastating heartbreaks, I think we still believe that love exists because we do know love comes from the great Creator and it is very real. The concept is real, and I’m sure He has plans for all of us. Keep hope and keep faith, and for all else, trust in Him for your life’s greatest plans. πŸ™‚ xo

  5. lianyt says:

    I like your post…i continue to visit and read your new posts. thank you for stopping by my blog ‘Home’ and your comments….God bless.

  6. D says:

    I refrained from sex for years and now I am about to marry my soul mate! I’m 35 so took so time but well worth the wait!

  7. Ana Vlad says:

    Such a beautiful post. Always believe in love.

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