A Black Hole Called The Friend Zone

The friend zone is where great potential relationships go to die.friend-zone

Yes people. It has happened! I. Have. Been. Friend Zoned! 




I have entered a very dangerous, dark place, and I have no idea how to escape. I have to be the only girl to ever be friend zoned. Yep, just me.

I really don’t know how or when it happened. We started fully aware of our attraction to one another. Now I look up and all of a sudden I find myself in this horrible place.

The worst part is I think it’s my fault! I was trying to not put myself out there too much, and instead I didn’t put myself out there at all! Now, we are great friends…which is terrible! I mean, being in this place complicates things a lot. If I flirt with him and attempt to exit this black hole I’ve wandered into, he will either reciprocate my behavior or be totally turned off. If the latter of the two happen, then things will be very awkward, and it could become extremely difficult to back peddle to our friendship. However, if I never even try to express my interest in him I could miss out on a great relationship. Oh the dilemma….

You’re probably wondering how I know this horrific happening has occurred. Well, I have to be very vague in order to not reveal the identity of this person, but I will tell you this: We spent the entire night having fun and celebrating life with great friends. Then, when we ended up alone for the first time all night, he talked to me about politics. Politics?! Really? Oh how interesting. We had this incredibly boring conversation as we waited for his cab to arrive. Then, he went on his way. The night was over. As quickly as our moment had finally come, it was swept away in a cab as if it never occurred in the first place. No goodnight kiss. No flirtatious remarks. Just politics.

I knew relationships could be challenging, but I didn’t know friendships could become complicated as well.

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7 Responses to A Black Hole Called The Friend Zone

  1. Hey its Amanda from honestly done beautifully. Friend zone isn’t bad- friend zone is healthy. Be friends- really good friends- and then if you ever need to discuss your feelings your friendship will be strong enough to handle it. It will be a much more sober mature way to get together. And if he doesn’t feel the same- a strong friendship can survive the weirdness. I know singleness/abstinence/waiting is super hard- but mastering the art of having friends of both sexes eases the difficulty. I’m eight years deep in singleness and being able to invest in people and have the friedships I do- makes this season worth it. yah. hope that helps.

  2. Eyota Alana says:

    Awww I semi know what you mean about the awkwardness that happens from overstepping the friends boundaries. But you never know until you try, if you really like the guy I would say go for it. But you know the situation better than I. Like Amanda said “a strong friendship can survive the weirdness”. If things don’t work out relationship wise it could turn into an inside joke years later like “remember that time when you came onto me..” and you both laugh at it.

    • Thank you so much for reading and responding to my post! 🙂 Wow, you’re right! It seems like everybody has told me to just go for it, but for some reason…your words are the only to inspire me to really do it haha. Just the way you said it. We will see what happens. Oh gosh, now I’m nervous! Haha

  3. Eyota Alana says:

    Awww 😀 I’m so glad I can inspire. I wish you all the best. Just remember no matter what happens, Life Goes On. Good Luck!

  4. Friendzone is a serious deal. It’s happening around the world. And it happens to many girls! *oh, shock*
    Seriously, tho’, I’ve been friendzoned too. It’s even worse if you’re a girl dating another girl. 😀

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