Procrastination #TheAbstinenceStruggle

Here goes the difficult part of being abstinent in terms of dating: BOUNDARIES.

I must set them in order to be successful in my abstinence journey….I just haven’t gotten around to it yet….

Let me explain. I already have a set of rules for myself, but things changed when my environment changed. I recently moved into an off-campus apartment with no rules, no parents, no RA’s, nothing. My roommate and I set our own rules, and we can come and go as we please with absolutely no one questioning what we are doing. It’s a great feeling to taste a little more freedom, but the cliche is right. With more freedom comes more responsibility.

When you are living with your parents, trying to have sex is just too much of a hassle. I mean, theoretically speaking I would have to plan out the exact day, time, and place, because I don’t have the type of parents that would let me get it on in my bedroom. When you’re living in a dorm, it might also be challenging if you share the room with someone or simply don’t want your floormates in your business. However, when you live in a city apartment, you can do whatever you would like, whenever you feel like it. That is a problem.

I must set new boundaries for myself before things go too far when I decide to open the door up and actually date someone. However, I have been living here going on three months now and still haven’t gotten around to it. What’s taking me so long? That’s a good question. Perhaps, I don’t want to shut the door on placing myself in a compromising situation. Let’s be honest, playing with fire is fun….until you get burned.

I refuse to compromise my wedding gift to my future husband, so I am going to get off my lazy butt and write this list. Time to lay down the law in this apartment.

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2 Responses to Procrastination #TheAbstinenceStruggle

  1. Mom says:

    Love the article. Setting boundaries are never easy. However they are a must have in every area of your life. Boundaries limit your regrets and mistakes. At the start of 2014 I had to set some difficult boundaries with others in order to open the door for my own happiness. I’m glad I did.

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