An Exceptional Date

201109-w-revolving-restaurants-cn-towerLast Friday night I went on the second date I’ve ever been on in the entire twenty-one years I’ve been alive. Sad, I know. (I really need to raise my standards with guys).

It was a great experience though! I had the time of my life. He took me to a very expensive restaurant, the kind I have only seen on television, and I got the chance to dress up really fancy. I wore my black dress, pushed up my hair and entered into the nightlife of downtown. It really was more than I hoped for! He was the perfect gentleman. He was my dad.

Yep, date night with pops! It was a beautiful night though, because I just wanted my dad to show me and tell me how guys are supposed to treat me. We never really had that conversation in the past, and I was often lost and confused in the whirlwind of the dating scene. I have had to figure things out on my own in the guys department through either watching others go through heart-break or experiencing it myself.

It wasn’t just about the fancy restaurant or the valet parking (although that was a nice touch). It was about the fact that he took time to plan ahead for our dinner. He was so excited to spend time with me that he researched places and made reservations ahead of time. He offered great conversation while also listening to the (sometimes not so interesting) stories I wanted to share. We laughed, we took pictures, and he brought me home. It was perfect. My dad might not ever know how much that night meant to me, but it was everything I always wanted from both him and my brother. I just wanted guidance. I wanted to learn from a good example and not from a bad experience how to approach dating guys in the future.

Hopefully, we will have more dinners in the future.

Hopefully, I will be taken on more dates the next time a guy attempts to court me.

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11 Responses to An Exceptional Date

  1. Michael56j says:

    I wish I had done this with my daughters.

  2. Cramer says:

    This was so great. Omg, I would love for my father to do something like this for me. Question: how did the situation come about? Like, did you ask him to take you out lol? Or did he spontaneously do it? Either way would be equally as awesome lol

    • Hahaha I actually just randomly asked him to take me to dinner so that we could spend time together while I was in town and (since my dad is as random as I am) he agreed. He was actually pretty excited once I brought it up and really did way more than I expected! You should definitely just ask your father, he would most likely love the idea! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  3. Mom says:

    My heart is overwhelmed with joy! I am so grateful that God answer prayers. I have been praying that God allow you to feel at least once the greatness of joy that I was able to enjoy many times over while my dad was alive. He always not only told me but showed me how special I was. I know that I was blessed to have a father that validated me and loved me beyond himself. My dad was truly the GREATEST FATHER EVER! I am a strong independent woman because of him. My father would always say…”God design you.. uniquely beautiful and set apart and daddy will always be your biggest fan forever “. That has stayed with me through out life and so when I’m feeling less than or low I remember his words and after crying (because I miss him so) I smile because God gave me the greatest gift when he hand picked my dad just for me.

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