Am I A Good Woman?

I came across this video late last night, and it left me speechless! Please take a moment to watch their incredible love story.

Isn’t it amazing?! This story touched my heart in so many different ways, but one thing I want to focus on is the wife. She is such an incredible and strong woman. Could you imagine how hard all that must have been on her? Could you honestly say that you would’ve stuck around after the accident and even go on to marry the man who’s life has drastically changed in such a way? My first response is yes. When I love someone, I love hard! I am willing to do almost anything (as long as it doesn’t compromise my relationship with Christ) for that person. But do I really know my reaction without ever experiencing something of that magnitude before?

I want to be a great wife to my future spouse. I want to be courageous and strong enough as this young lady was to be able to face all the difficulties life may throw our way. When hardships arise, I want to be the woman my husband can lean on. I want him to know that even if he can’t work or he can’t do certain things out of his control, I have no problem making sure our family is still stable and happy. This young woman encapsulated a Proverb’s 31st woman, and I am so grateful to see what that looks like today (not just biblical times).

There are things I need to work on and change in order to grow towards becoming a Proverb’s 31st woman. I know I am not quite there yet, but I can’t just read the scripture. I have to work to become that woman.

I feel today, many of us focus on what we want in a spouse, but we hardly ever talk about what we are bringing to the table. I want a good man, but am I a good woman? The answer could differ depending on who you’re asking. But my point is, we should spend more time working on ourselves than evaluating potential boyfriends/girlfriends. I would encourage everyone reading this to look at the list you have created for your future spouse, and then think about what that person is going to want in a spouse. For example, What kind a wife, does the kind of man I want to marry want? Then create a list of things you want to bring to the table. What do you need to work on? Finally, work towards actually becoming that person.

I know there are definitely some lifestyle changes I need to make, and I am going to start today. Thank you God for blessing this man with such a phenomenal woman, and I pray that I can be half the woman she is to him.

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7 Responses to Am I A Good Woman?

  1. Louise says:

    Beautiful video and great post!

  2. johndwm says:

    Not got sound at the moment but very interested in what you say. Of course it works the other way as well. As carer of my wife who has bi-polar we struggled through many battles together .. at times it was much too much for both of us.. but with Big JC we have succeeded in many ways. Don’t put too much stress on being good – just let the Big HS do the work within. Blessings! A fellow traveller with a few years behind me…

  3. Mom says:

    Excellent showing of God’s Love in marriage. I believe marriage is a partnership for God’s glory to the furtherance of completing His plan. When God is the foundation of a marriage your spouse will take you to another level of relationship w/Christ because through your spouse you will learn the secret of true oneness. A Proverb 31 woman brings encouragement, inspiration and quiet strength allowing her husband to become more of what God created him to be. She covers him in prayer by interceding for him daily. Only then will a man be ready and prepared to face the world.

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