Love is…(Pt. 2)


Love is obtained by friends, family, and significant others to one another. Love is not comparable or identical because each time you love it’s different, it’s unique, and unforgettable. It can be revealed to us in unexpected ways and come in all forms. Being able to continuously forgive, and have no reminders of the disappointment is love. Being able to look at yourself and be proud of what you see is love. A true emotion that can’t be faked. Making sacrifices to improve someone else’s situation that’s love. It’s undeniable, encouraging, influential, and understanding. It isn’t forced or pressured it comes naturally. It’s a battle that should be fought for a lifetime. It should never be weakened but only strengthen over time. Love isn’t ashamed and should be exposed at all times. Ultimately love is the reason why we live. We live for a mutual love. God loved us and we were created. He and Jesus loved us so much that they teamed together and saved us from death so that we could have eternal life. We marry to share our love and have children to provide love for them. We get animals to love and care to. We come into this world made from love and we leave out abundantly loved. God has designed us to love. He gave us a precious gift, that is priceless and nonrefundable.

-Raquel Burks, 20 Valdosta

About Juaquina Carter

Poet | Public Speaker | Photographer For Inquires:
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2 Responses to Love is…(Pt. 2)

  1. I just wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you for bringing awareness to abstinence. I am the author of the teen book “In The Back Seat With Prince Charming” A teen moms story of a life turned upside down. This book is about educating teens on healthy relationships and boundaries.
    Great job !

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