Love is…(Pt. 3)

A Lifestyle.

Love is like a warm blanket that covers your soul from the coldness of the world. Love is truth. Love is extraordinary. It is taught to us in English classes as an abstract noun but I see it also as a verb, an action verb that should never be used in the past tense or even future but forever in the present tense. Why? Because love, as it is, has no time limit. Time is simply an idea that men have used to mistakenly define their own morality but love is more…. Love is hope. Love is faith. Love is understanding even when you do not understand. Love is rejecting your selfish desires and wants in favor of the well being of others.

Love is me. Love is you. Love is, before I was given a name, before I could wiggle my toes, before I entered my mother’s womb. Love has always been there and will always be there. Despite whatever you may have gone through, are going through or will ever experience. Through misleading images, thoughts and perceptions the world has given us, love is not hiding. It is there for all to see no matter how much society tries to cover it. Love is truth and like truth it is always itself. Love is the true likeness of God that we were all made in, because God is love’s true identity. Love is a spirit. Love is what distinguishes us from any other spirit. Love is the beautiful spirit of God manifesting within our hearts. We all were made from love, by love, to love. That is what LOVE IS

Love has no specific time it shows up and shows out. It does not skip months, days, hours, minutes or seconds. It is expressed in every moment whether we are aware of it or not. Love is not a day; it is a lifestyle that we chose to or chose not to live in every single day of our lives. When the end of each of our time comes there will be one simple question that matters. Did we live in love?

-Terrell Johnson 29 Atlanta

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10 Responses to Love is…(Pt. 3)

  1. teardropsofink says:

    Absolutely beautiful! It rang true in the halls of my soul. And it is amazing to get a just small taste of God’s love for us when we are loved wholeheartedly by our significant other….if this is already overwhelming in the best way, I cannot imagine what heaven and feeling every bit of Gods love inside and outside and everywhere will feel like!

  2. Bupe Rose says:

    That’s a really good word. Love inspires us to live fully.

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