Love is…Pt. 4

To whom it may concern,


He always insisted he loved me…from the very beginning. At first, I never said it back. I didn’t want to say something that was untrue just to spare his feelings. Honesty is very important to me. But after years of people walking in and out of my life, he was the only one that stayed. He never knew that his presence and light conversation kept me from going over the edge at times. I never told him what was wrong, and he didn’t care. He just knew I needed him and was there for support. I loved him.

He came at a later point in my life, but I was still very naïve with how serious things can get when feelings are involved. He more than sparked my interest when we first met. He left me speechless whenever his beautiful eyes would connect with mine. If he were to call me today, I would probably still get butterflies from hearing his voice tease me in every way imaginable. I loved him.

He was with me from the beginning. I always knew He was present, but only called Him when I was feeling low. So, He waited patiently for me to slowly realize that He would never leave me no matter how much I rejected Him with my actions. He knew about my past, and He didn’t care. He loved me.

Three great loves of my life, and only one has stood the test of time. The first guy was my childhood love. We watched each other grow up, and we both became so much more than we had ever hoped. However, we didn’t grow in the same direction. I didn’t know this until I realized that he began to say he loved me out of habit and not out of mutual feelings. The second guy was like a fairytale to me. Our connection was everything I could have dreamed of, but…it was just a dream. No relationship came from it. I was forced to move on always wondering “What happened?” The third one…is my everything. He fulfills every need I have, is always present through the good, bad, and ugly sides of me, and gives me the commitment I never even knew I desired. He is what love means to me.

He is God.

-Juaquina Carter

About Juaquina Carter

Poet | Public Speaker | Photographer For Inquires:
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6 Responses to Love is…Pt. 4

  1. Whew, wow! Absolutely true and beautiful.

  2. That’s exactly how I felt the first time I heard the song falling in Love with Jesus while tears streamed down my face.

  3. Mom says:

    There is no greater feeling of love than from God! It’s unexplainable. I loved the post!!!!

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