For Every Hopeless Romantic Who Sits And Stares at the Moon

You never thought you would be that person. The one stuck in a loveless relationship with someone who doesn’t even deserve you. You never imagined that you would be the one to fall so deeply in love with someone who couldn’t care less about you how you feel. And yet, somehow, you have become the very person you never wanted to be.

And that is okay.

This is for the reader that ended up on the wrong side of a love song. Please do not feel bad! Please do not put yourself down or call yourself stupid. You are simply a human being trying to experience the love Disney always told us about.  We have all been there. I personally believe everyone will experience heartbreak at least once in their life. It will hurt, and you will feel as if you will never move past it. You are wrong. You are going to keep living and keep striving to reconstruct your heart and hope for love. You will take things day by day….and one day you will look up and realize you’re over them.

This post is for the woman who fell for a man who wasn’t ready to catch her. This is for the guy who gave his all to a relationship and ended up with nothing in return. This is for anyone who is hurting. I understand. I have felt it (several times honestly), and I know exactly what you are going through. I have had to put my world back together that I let someone shatter. I have had to find the pieces of me that I gave to someone who didn’t even see the value in those fragments of my heart.

But I’m okay now.

I took things day by day. I strove to move on, to forgive. There were times I got weak and went back to the same person who stabbed me in the heart and handed their murder weapon back.  It happens to all of us! It takes time to not desire something that has been embedded so deeply in your heart, and just because you fall a few times doesn’t mean you aren’t still making progress. You are. You’re almost to the light at the end of the tunnel. Transitions will never be easy. Just keep holding on and moving forward. Keep holding your head high.

You’re gonna be okay.

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