My First Love

Snapshot 1 (6-15-2014 2-51 PM)

You are the template in which I learned how to love. All of the qualities I look for in a husband are all things I have seen you display. We didn’t always get along though. We spent a few years with this tension between us only to realize it was because we are one in the same. They say you can’t get along with the person you have the most in common with.

But now that I am older, I see the beauty that lies inside of me through you. Everything good in me comes from you. You are a very hard worker and you make sure the needs of the ones around you are always met. You listen to people when they speak, and you give thoughtful words of encouragement in response. You know when your wisdom is comforting and when your silence is needed. You understand people. You have such a presence that whenever you enter a room, people know you are there. They are drawn to you. They want to get to know you. I am honored to have known you and loved you my entire life.

My love life is directly impacted by my connection with you, and that might be why I am single. I know what a real man looks like, and I refuse to compromise. I would rather be alone than to be with someone who can’t even measure up to half the man you are.

You are very proud of me and the person I am becoming, but what you can’t see is….I am becoming you. Everything good inside of me lies inside of you.

To my first love and the man of my life….Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

Snapshot 2 (6-15-2014 2-51 PM)

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2 Responses to My First Love

  1. Brend says:

    I sincerely love this piece! Jackie and Jimmy are truly blessed to have such an amazing daughter! I am humbled by your sentiments related to your dad. You are blessed as well. Miracles and blessings always!


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