Settle now? Compromise later.


“If you are willing to compromise your standards for a person you are just beginning to date, you will compromise your morals for someone you are madly in love with.” -J.C.

Think about those words. Often times in the beginning we are so captivated with this new person in our lives that we tend to ignore the character flaws they possess. That is not to say we should pursue a perfect person, because perfection cannot be captured in a mere human being. However, there are certain things that are very important to us in terms of building a future with someone, and we should never compromise that!

But we have all done it in the past….we have all ignored the little things in the beginning. We ignored how late they were on our first date, we ignored the way they talked to their mom disrespectfully, and we ignored their need to brag on all of their achievements. Then, we wondered how we ended up with someone who is unreliable, who has anger issues, and who is very arrogant. We ignored the warning signs then complained about the person we ended up with. We overlooked their true face to see their best face.

So what does this has to do with being abstinent? Well, I’m glad you asked. If you are talking to someone who is causing you to compromise what you first wanted in a mate, how do you think you will be able to control yourself when you fall in love with them? Your relationship started off with a compromise (on your part) and that is how it will continue. For this reason, among others, I would encourage you to be very careful when navigating the dating scene. The abstinence walk reaches a new level of difficulty once you fall in love with someone. So, you have to make sure you are falling for someone who challenges you to abide by the standards you have set for yourself-not someone who holds you back from your goals.

Challenge yourself to be patient long enough to discover someone who not only meet your standards but exceeds them.

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