I Hope You Read This…

To my friends,

SEX AND THE CITYI am so grateful that God placed you in my life. I cannot believe the great impact you have had on me. I never thought I would trust anyone enough to let them get close to me, but all of you have managed to break down the barbed wire around my heart. I love you all. I love you because you love me-even the ugliest parts. I get angry, I get irritated for no reason, and I push away when things are getting too overwhelming, but none of that makes you love me less. You speak to my strengths instead of exploiting my weaknesses. You understand that the silence is most comforting when I am stressed and give me space. You don’t offer advice that I don’t ask for. You simply offer your ear without judgement and prayer without bad intentions.

I pray that I am half of the friend that you are to me. I hope that I can make you smile in your darkest moments the way you have done for me. I promise to always have your back. When you don’t have enough strength to pray for yourself, I will pray for you. I am only human and cannot defy the laws of the earth, but I can stand in the gap for your and talk to God on your behalf. And I promise to always do so without you even asking me to.

I see you hurting. I see your pain. I see the darkness you try to hide from me by plastering a fake smile on your face when we speak. You try to discuss everything in life except the very thing that is drowning you at night, but I know you better than you think. We are all at the age where life is starting to feel more painful. We have more responsibilities and less help. We have more tasks and less instructions, but that’s okay. You know why? Because we have each other. And what makes our friendship so special? It has God at the center. Even when we argue or get on each other’s nerves, our spiritual connection and foundation will cause our friendship to strengthen in it’s weakest moments.

So, this is to all my friends near or far. No matter how often we speak. No matter how much we get on each other’s nerves. I love you. And I’ll always be praying for you.

Sincerely yours,


About Juaquina Carter

Poet | Public Speaker | Photographer For Inquires: Juaquina.Carter@gmail.com
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