From My Family to My Angels

2d225afba3a4a54abbdae0fcbff83ebcWednesday 7:41AM I got a text that my uncle passed away.




My uncle? The life of the party? The uncle by marriage that even divorce couldn’t stop him from being blood to me?


Yes. That Uncle.


I never knew a text could hurt so much. I always knew words had power but I didn’t know a text would cause me to be stuck for two hours before I began to understand what was taking place. I never knew life would be a blur after picking up my phone while getting ready for work.

And the thing about death is….although their time has ended life keeps going. The mourning has to go about their lives. We must get up for work every day, cook every night, and continue the projects we were working on before our hearts received a left-hook from the words of a text.

But then…he told me he was alright.

The night after the news I sat in the presence of God and my deceased uncle, and I knew everything was alright. As the peace that only comes from God himself washed over me, I understood that my Uncle is happy, and although he made many mistakes in his life, God still welcomed him in to eternal paradise.

47d0e05a955712bab7847550126c8a93Such a beautiful love story.

I then reflected on my auntie passing a few years ago and my great grandmother and two grandfathers who prayed for my life before I was even born, and I realized now I have five angels looking down on me. Who am I to be so blessed?

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