The Blue Print

Self discovery is an amazing thing and an even more amazing process.

Think about how intriguing it is to discover yourself. You already know your own thoughts, you know what you love, and you know what hurts you. But why? It is such an enlightening moment when you realize the reason you love food is not because you are a greedy person; it is because you were created to be a chef. It is so awesome when you realize the reason you love to read so much is because God planned for you to be a writer.

So, I guess when you discover yourself you’re really discovering the blue print of who God always designed you to be. Sometimes life throws us off course or we feel as if we aren’t where we should be. Maybe we don’t even know what direction to go in to experience fulfillment in everyday life, and that’s okay. You just have to take a step back think about the “why’s” of your life. Why do you do the things you do and why do you have certain hobbies?

Learning that your flaws are a part of the plan is another great piece of this journey. I am a very outspoken person, and this used to be considered a shortcoming of mine. I was known as the girl with the attitude problem and whom is always “putting someone in their place,” and I hated it. I felt compelled to stick up for what I thought was right, but it seemed I was always put down because of it. Then I realized that’s just who I am. I am a passionate person and God gave me a voice to protect the people who are too afraid to stick up for themselves. I just had to learn to choose my battles wisely. It wasn’t until I discovered another piece of me that I learned how to conquer my weakness and use it as my strength.

And the most amazing thing is…you never stop learning! Just as spouses never stop figuring each other out, it is the same with yourself. Because we are constantly evolving and growing there is more to discover each day.

“All this time I was finding myself, and I didn’t know I was lost” -Aloe Blacc

About Juaquina Carter

Poet | Public Speaker | Photographer For Inquires:
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