It’s Not About What You Lose

Love is…restrictive?

It has been brought to my attention that I must grow in my view of love. For a long time, I thought of love in the negative. Don’t get me wrong, I know love is a beautiful thing. I have always felt that way. But more often than not I looked at love based on what you miss out on. Your heart is chained to one person, you must give up “single people” activities, you must hinder some of your own desires to avoid hurting the other person, etc. etc. I basically felt like you had to say no to a lot of things once love walks into your life, but that is a terrible way to view the freeing experience of falling in love.

This is the reason most people do not commit to abstinence. They look at all the things they feel they will miss out on instead of all the great things they are preparing for in the long run. Abstinence is not about saying no to sex; it is about saying yes to freedom, peace of mind, and so much more! You can’t focus on the negatives. Everything (good or bad decision) comes at a cost. You just have to make sure you’re gaining more than you’re losing.

So, now I am learning to see love as a liberating emotion/action. When I do fall in love once more, I will experience a new freedom I didn’t know even exists, but I must choose to see love differently. And I want to.I want to see love as something that will give me wings to fly to a new altitude that I never thought possible.

This shall be fun!

sunset-summer-sea-seagull-bird-girl-man-silhouette-sun-ray-love-freedom-together8“In true love, you attain freedom.” -Thich Nhat Hanh


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