To The People I Love

I get it. You are afraid of being alone. I understand. I have been alone for four years, so I know all too well the trials it comes with. I understand the lonely nights and the empty spaces in your days. I experience the desire to have someone there that I can lean on. Friends are great but they don’t fill the gaps a significant other would. I know. I get it. I’m right here with you…making the most out of the waiting game.

But settling is not the answer.

Please do not let the microwave society we live in influence you to set aside or lower your standards for what type of person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Love is extraordinary. No matter your race, cultural background, or religion the definition of love is always something that is almost unfathomable. The bible defines love as God.  God. Think about that. The being that created the entire universe and numbered every single hair on your head is…love. Nothing is comparable to God and yet, the bible tells us that love equates to God. Therefore, nothing is comparable to love.

That’s powerful.

This is why I am so frustrated when I see you settling for less. You give your love away so easily to people who don’t deserve the precious pieces of you. They are not unworthy, because they aren’t good enough. They are unworthy, because they aren’t what you desire. If you take a second to evaluate who you hold close to your heart and are honest with yourself, you will see what I see. You will realize what you are cheating yourself out of.

Love is meant to be powerful and life changing. Love is meant to be someone whose spot cannot be replaced in your life. Love is defined in many ways, but there is one thing it will never be: average. But the problem is that real love takes time to cultivate. It takes sacrifice and commitment. It takes sowing seeds and patiently waiting for them to grow. Sometimes that means staying single for long periods. Sometimes that means turning away from the attention of people who don’t really care about you. If you want love, you have to be willing to step up to the plate and make hard decisions, but it is a choice only you can make.

I just want to encourage you to make that choice-to stop wasting your time. Dating just to date is only hurting you in the long run. Embrace the lonely nights. Your king/queen is worth it all. I promise. And don’t feel alone, we are in this together. I’m right here. Waiting.

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1 Response to To The People I Love

  1. Tammy D Hampton says:

    POWERFUL!!😊❤ And remember, another name the word “alone”… Is UNIQUE! You are AMAZING!☺❤ Thank you!☺❤

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