I am not dainty.10178005_357158707802211_3272492953388668956_n

And I don’t want to be.

I am not the girl you save. I am not the damsel in distress. I am not weak nor in need of a hero (outside of Jesus).

I used to think that’s what I had to be. I used to belittle myself and pretend to be less than I really am. I am a thunderstorm in the midst of a crazy world. I am bold, unapologetically honest, and never afraid to speak my mind. I am intelligent and able to manage my finances without your help. I may be petite in weight, but I am more than capable of moving mountains. There are moments of filled with tears and struggles, but I am a strong woman.

And, quite frankly, I am tired of apologizing for my strength.

I earned these stripes. I survived lonely nights and the darkness of depression. I have been attacked physically, spiritually, financially, and emotionally, and I am still alive. In the midst of finding God, I managed to find myself. You want to know what I learned about the girl living inside of my mirror? She is not a victim.

So, if you are Tarzan, Prince Charming, or Mario, you are looking in the wrong direction. I need a King who will gladly enjoy the company of a strong Queen.

We are not meant to wear masks around each other or to hide our bold characteristics. We are meant to be who God created us to be, and that is exactly what I intend to do.

So, no. I am not dainty. I will not hide my virtue.


About Juaquina Carter

Poet | Public Speaker | Photographer For Inquires: Juaquina.Carter@gmail.com
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3 Responses to Unstoppable

  1. Arita G. Rue says:

    Well said. I have enjoyed your journey and love your transparency.

  2. Tammy D Hampton says:

    Thank you, Kena! Words of TRUTH… Words of FAITH! Words of ENCOURAGEMENT! Words of ENDURANCE! You are AMAZING… Thank you!☺❤

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