Lock & Key

To My Unborn Son(s),

I love you so much, and I haven’t even met you yet. I shutter even thinking about the responsibility of raising you to be a great Power of Wordsperson, because I always feel there is some piece of wisdom I might forget to tell you. So for now….I’ll write you letters with the hopes that all I forget to say, I will remember to write.

Right now, I want to tell you something most people don’t talk about with their sons. I want you to know your chastity matters. I watch so many parents lecture their daughters and teach them how important it is to hold on to their sexual purity, but I rarely hear this same lesson being taught to little boys. Well, as my son, I want you to know you are holding something special as well.

You are holding a key, but this isn’t your average key son. No, your key has the ability to unlock the door to love. Your key has the ability to expose you to a really fun experience. Your key has the ability to populate this world.  Your key has the ability to connect you to a beautiful woman. Your key allows you to create a legacy.

But you must hold it close, because it also has the power to bring about destruction. If used too soon, this key can break hearts. It can cause spiritual, physical, and emotional damage. If used irresponsibly it can make your body ill from disease. It could bring about responsibility you might not be ready for.

Your key can bring about life…

…but it can also bring destruction.

So, you must guard it, and one day God is going to help you find the most amazing woman you’ve ever met. It won’t be her outside beauty that captures you (although she will be attractive to you), it will be her heart. She will hold a lock, and, just like you, she will have chosen to hold it close and follow God. And guess what? You will marry her and finally be able to use your key the way God intended you to.

God is calling you to keep your precious key in a secure place, so when you do use it, the door you open will expose true love.

However, I will not paint a pretty picture void of the reality. It will be hard. There are so many locks in this world (all different sizes and colors). You will gaze and be enticed by various beautiful locks but always remember, your wife’s will be magnificent. And if you stick your key inside of a lock that doesn’t belong to her, the door you open will expose nothing but an empty room.

So, your decision to wait matters too son, and it is a very important choice to make. I trust you will do what’s right.

I love you,


About Juaquina Carter

Poet | Public Speaker | Photographer For Inquires: Juaquina.Carter@gmail.com
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